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Light&Shadow,Pingle County, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China | 光. 影 ,中国广西省桂林市平乐县

Light&Shadow, Pingle County, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China


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Location: Pingle County, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

Area: 50sqm/450sqft per room

Client: The Other Place – Guilin Litopia/ Nianhua Cultural and Creative

Design Consultant: Studio 10

Director: Shi Zhou

Design Team: Xin Zheng, Xiangtong Wu, Zixia Huang, Ming Tang (Project Assistant)

Photographer: Chao Zhang, The Other Place

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设计顾问:Studio 10





Light & Shadow

The Other Place is a creative guesthouse by the Li River in Pingle County, Guilin, and Studio 10 has just finished the renovation of its Light-and-Shadow-themed rooms.In the double-height space with pitched roof ceiling, the architect explores the relationship between space and nature through the application of materials, light and shadow.

Unnecessary decorative element has been eliminated, leaving the space with only the essentials; using recycled vintage elm, bamboo, rattan as well as other local natural materials, it aims at creating an introspective, rustic and ideological Utopia to call for reflection on the materialism, desire and obsession in our daily life.

Bathroom, kitchenette and TV Cabinet are consolidated into a single “box” in the space, allowing the space to be completely open, fluid and free of full-height partitions. The local bamboo and traditional woven handicrafts are a source of inspiration – the concrete walls are finished in woven bamboo texture, and the custom-made pendant lights utilizes bamboo-weaved baskets as shades to create a unique light-and-shadow effect while increasing soft surfaces to enhance acoustic performance.

光. 影:

创意民宿“别居”位于桂林平乐县漓江畔,Studio 10负责了其中“光. 影”主题房型的改造。在二层通高的坡屋顶空间中,建筑师希望通过材料、光影的运用,探求空间与自然的关系。